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The Inward Eye Training Program is an idea yet to be developed which would be specially designed for Art Therapists, other Creative Arts Therapists, and other psychotherapists and counselors to develop skills in using a process of direct interaction with imagery along with art making as an intervention in therapy and counseling. Participants will attend weekend-long training sessions in which each person will be able to learn about and practice the method with the other participants. There will also be readings and discussions to support the learning. Beyond the Introductory Weekend, each weekend training is constructed to be dependent on the learning gained at the previous weekends so all training beyond the Introductory Weekend must be taken consecutively. Each weekend will present a different aspect of the process or a new application of processes previously covered. Every participant will have the opportunity to practice these skills under observation of an instructor. A certificate of competance will be granted at the end of the program. Approval for Continuing Education Credits from the American Art Therapy Association and other professional associations will be sought.






I. Introduction; Foundations of Guided Imagery and Art - 6 Hours
Introducing the foundation of the process, experientially and intellectually

II. Knowing from Within; Guides and Advisors - 10 Hours
Using inner wisdom in the form of inner guides and advisors as a source of knowing and healing

III. Chakra Imagery, Part 1 - 10 Hours
Understanding the seven major energy centers of the body and their role in knowing and healing

IV. Resistance and Negativity - 10 Hours
Understanding and addressing the role of resistance and negativity in knowing and healing


V. Chakra Imagery, Part 2 - 10 Hours
Deepening understanding of the chakras

VI. Many Parts, Many Voices - 10 Hours
Learning about paying attention to the many forms of wisdom we all contain

VII. Polarities - 10 Hours
Becoming familiar with the common experience of polarization and how to work with it

VIII. Dialoguing from Art Images - 10 Hours
Learning how to use art images as a portal to the inner dialogue




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