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Crow LogoKnowing Imagination

My blog- musings about the imagination


The Academy for Guided Imagery

Training in Interactive Guided Imagery (SM)


The Healing Mind

Access to tools for healing from Marty Rossman, MD


Art Therapy Institute of the Redwoods

Access to the work of Linda Chapman, ATR-BC


The International Association for Interactive Imagery

Association of professional guided imagery practitioners

The American Art Therapy Association

National (U.S.) association of professional art therapists


The Delaware Valley Art Therapy Association

Association of professional art therapists in eastern PA,

South NJ, and DE


The Art Therapy Credentials Board

Credentialing board for art therapy registration and board certification


Ligmincha Institute

Tibetan Bön Buddhist training and retreats


International Institute for Visualization Research

        Home of the Personal Totem Pole Process®



A child and family therapy center to support growth and development throughout the lifecycle-

in Philadelphia, PA


The Enchanted Way

        Web site of James Torrenzano, art therapist


Health and Goodness


Consciousness Precedes Mind


Guided Imagery Collective

        Web site of Jose Said Osio- guided imagery, art, spirit



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The Inward Eye
Bob Schoenholtz, ATR-BC
- 128 Leverington Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19127 - - (610) 761-1905

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